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In November 2000 I nearly died of 'atypical bi-lateral pneumonia...' (Translation, "You've caught some kind of pneumonia bug, but we're not sure what it is.") I was in hospital for nearly a month, lost 6 kilos and was advised that full recovery would take at least twelve months. During recuperation, I was told "I had to get fit."

My wife Valerie has always had an ambition to 'do the Great Victorian Bike Ride.' (November/December 2001) This was ample excuse for me to insist that I would need a recumbent. I read the reviews, counted my pennies and decided on a 'Swift' from Michael Rogan at MR Components. Delivery was given as ten weeks.

I chose the Swift from the others in the same price range because

In eight weeks Michael rang to say my Trike was ready and Val and I drove the five and one half hours from Portland in Western Victoria to Hastings (past and South of Melbourne where Michael runs his Trike building busines, MR Components.) Michael fussed around, adjusting the Trike for size, advising me of the specifics for riding and helping stuff the machine into our vehicle. I had hoped to get it in the boot (trunk) but there was no way it would fit. Neither would it fit on the tow mounted rack. Eventually we took the front wheels off, detached the boom and crammed it in the back seat. We enjoyed a cup of tea with Michael and his wife Tomiko before we left. I was pleased that I had purchased from one of the 'good guys....'

We stayed in a Motel that night and I kept checking the car to make sure my baby was safe...

When we got home, it was a rush to re-assemble the Trike and take it for its first ride. I did the recumbent weave until I learned to relax. Since then I've ridden it most days to commute to my favourite coffee shop and on longer 'training' rides. It is so damn comfortable - recumbents should carry a warning: RIDING 'BENTS IS ADDICTIVE AND MAY CAUSE UNWANTED EXERCISE.

The construction quality is excellent. No problems, not one rattle, sweet gear changes, absolute comfort and I'm getting fitter by the day. On a smooth road the silence is uncanny - probably due to the Tiogas. If you think you'll ride off road then of course you'll want a tyre with a bit more tread - but for commuting the Tiogas are tops. There is something addictive about this recumbent trike - riding it is always a positive experience.

PS. I don't know what the reviewer meant by "although the mirror extending from the handlebar grip did vibrate excessively on rough tarmac, reducing its usefulness. "

It doesn't vibrate on mine - even on the roughest surface.

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